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what to wear faq’s

I get it! Deciding what family photo outfits to wear can be just as daunting as finding the perfect family photographer. It can seem overwhelming when considering what to wear but it doesn’t need to be. Follow these top what to wear tips to help you choose the perfect outfits for your family session.

Where do I start?

Truth be told, I usually start with my own outfit. I prefer to start with my own outfit because I’m pickier about what I wear. So it’s easier for me to find something I love and am comfortable in and then match my family to it rather than me struggle to find myself something to match theirs. So that’s where I always suggest starting.

Start with yourself. The number one thing you want to remember is to be comfortable and be yourself! So first think about a color you want to wear. This is going to be the start of your family’s color scheme. But don’t over think it. It’s okay to change your mind later.

Once you’ve decided on a color, its time look at different styles. Do you want a maxi dress? An A-Line skirt? Something very elegant? Maybe even a long tulle skirt? Or do you want to keep it casual? Maybe some jeans and a cute blouse? Or a flannel?

After having an idea of what style and color you want we can start searching! Once you find your outfit, matching the others doesn’t seem that hard. It goes much quicker than you think. Sometimes you have to get 10-12 pages in on your search to find the perfect matching piece.

But if you get stumped or can’t find something for someone in a particular color, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Maybe add in an additional color or even to start from scratch. And don’t forget, it is not mandatory to coordinate outfits.

You and your family should always feel comfortable in what you wear.

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Do I have to wear a dress?

Of course not! If dresses aren’t your style or you aren’t comfortable in them then you shouldn’t wear one. I’m sure you can pick up by now that the theme is always be comfortable.

You can look stylish and be comfortable at the same time. A session with me will capture who you and your family are. And part of that is through what you wear. I believe that your clothes speak. So whatever you wear should be who you are.

Have you ever seen a top in the store and thought, “Oh my mom would love that!” It’s not your style, you don’t like it. But you instantly pictured your mom in it, because it’s her style and you know it would look amazing on her. Because it’s just her. Her clothes speak, that shirt spoke, it said it was hers.

Your outfits for our session should just be you (and your family). If little Timmy is obsessed with Dinos, maybe consider finding him a cute stylish dino shirt like this one so every time you look back on that photo, you’re reminded of your sweet baby boy and his dino obsession. Even when he’s done grown up and moved out of the house. It’ll be a happy memory.

summer family photo outfits

My husband is already so stubborn about getting pictures taken, how should I style us?

Trust me. I get it. My husband can be the grumpiest human being in the world and it two folds on picture day. So the most important thing you can do while styling your family with a stubborn hubby, is to keep him comfortable.

ALWAYS wear something you’re comfortable in. Dad is going to play along much nicer if he is wearing something he is comfortable in and likes.

If he prefers to wear just t-shirts, then keep your outfits casual. If his closet only has two colors in it like my husband’s does, let him wear one of his two colors and plan your outfits around his.

My husband only wears Red and Black. So I always plan mine and the kids outfits with the colors and patterns I want, and then I put my husband is a button up black or grey shirt with jeans. Because like I said, he is already dreading picture day, and I know he is going to play nicer if he is wearing something he likes and is comfortable in.

Outfits for family pictures don’t have to be super fancy. They should always reflect who you and your family are. A men’s t-shit can look dressier with a nice v neck or a couple buttons at the top (like in the toddler boy’s outfit).

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Okay so we’ve talked about colors, being comfortable, planning around mom. Not being scared to start over.

But what about patterns? Do we all have to wear matching patterns?

Heck no! Do not be scared to mix and match patterns! Especially if you have a larger family. I have so much fun mixing and matching patterns. It’s really intimidating at first, but just follow this tip and everything will flow together.

The trick is to coordinate a color or pattern with someone else. So I started with this beautiful maternity gown. I actually couldn’t even decide on a color because all of them were so beautiful. But then I came across the little girls dress and thought it was adorable too. And realized it would match the light pink gown.

So Mom’s dress matches the little girls dress because of the pink flowers. Then the little girls dress matches the yellow strip baby rompers because… well obviously the yellow. So with these items, I’m coordinating with matching colors.

Then the yellow romper matches the grey stripe romper because of the stripes. It’s introducing a new color but kept same pattern. Which then allows us to tie in Dad’s grey shirt with the grey romper. You could also add a pink hair bow to the little girls outfit to bring out the pink in her shirt more.

I have no doubts that any family wearing this would look spectacular. This would be another beautiful outfits set to wear out in a field for your photo session. Or even a flower field, like tulips or daisies.

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We’re going to the beach, shouldn’t we all wear jeans and a white shirt so the beach is the main focus?

No! Don’t put everyone in the exact same outfit. Especially not all in white. You should always have at least two colors in your color scheme to avoid everyone blending into each other.

If everyone is in white and piled on top of each other, it’s hard to see where one person ends and the next begins. Who’s on top of who? Where’s his arm? Wait who’s hand is that? You get the point.

The look I styled this week is a bit casual and would look so gorgeous at one of the Lake Erie beaches! It keeps the blue and white theme everyone loves about beach photos but allows for each persons individuality shine.

summer maternity amazon outfits

How do I decide who gets what patterns?

For coordinating patterns, I like to recommend keeping the parents in more neutral colors and let your kids pop in color. This is a rule I try to stick to, but I’m stubborn and usually end up adding a little of the pop color/pattern to my own outfit.

For spring and summer wear light jeans or kakis. Save the dark jeans and dress pants for fall and winter unless you’re doing an elegant shoot. For this outfit coordination, I was searching for an army green and pale orange color palette.

I actually had an all green dress picked out for the mom but then came across this beautiful floral dress and decided to go with to help tie in the kids orange with the parents.

I did not pick out any shoes on this outfit selection, but if you’re choosing to go with these styles or something similar, I would wear brown shoes and sandals. Maybe some nice oxfords for the boys. And some gladiator sandals for the girls.

I can just picture how amazing these colors would look in an open field.

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At the end of the day, the important rule is everyone is comfortable in what they wear. They’re able to feel like themselves. And this helps prevent low self-esteem during your family session.

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